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Members Meetings are held at the Gosford City Lions’ Community Hall (at the rear of our Research Centre).


Next Members Meeting 

 6th August 2022    Guest Speaker Bruce CARTY

Bruce Carty

Bruces’ talk “Australian Radio History” centres on his research into the history of A.M. radio broadcasting throughout Australia.  This commenced with experiments by licensed amateur radio enthusiasts with voice transmissions in 1908.

Bruces’ research covered all 700 Australian A.M. broadcast stations.  He managed to prove WRONG many beliefs about our history e.g. the 2SM callsign did NOT come from St Marys Cathedral, despite being owned by the Catholic Church.  2UE did NOT start as 2EU despite being owned by Electrical Utilities.  TCN-9 TV was NOT our first fully licensed TV station.  This honour was granted to radio 4CM in Brisbane in 1935, on air as 4CM-TV. 

 Bruces’ 100 page A4 sized book “Australian Radio History” is in most Australian libraries.  Additional research now covers 452 A4 pages.  This can be downloaded as a free Ebook at