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Members Meetings are held at the Gosford City Lions’ Community Hall (at the rear of our Research Centre).

Meetings are planned for the first Saturday of the month for June 2021 through to November 2021.

The Research Centre will not be available for research prior to the meeting.


Speaker Calendar 

3 July 2021
General Meeting to be held in the Lions' Hall. The speaker for this month is Dr Andrew Kwong.

One Bright Moon

Andrew Kwong grew up in rural China during the horrors of Maoist days of the 1950s when millions starved. In the 1960s the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution millions of educated and cultured Chinese were persecuted and murdered. His book One Bright Moon tells the story of his escape to Macau, Hong Kong and eventually to Australia.  What inspiring stories Andrew will tell of his journey to home in Gosford.


7th August 2021

Meet Christine Lovatt.

When you think puzzles you think Lovatts. If you are a crossword fan you will already know of her. Christine is a new member and graciously agreed to give a talk at our August meeting.


4th September 2021

Taronga ‘New Zoo’ Science Lab


Cameron Kerr will take us behind the scenes at Taronga and Dubbo zoos. Have you seen the private hotel for small Australian animals?  Have you heard about the amazing built science block at Taronga, one of only two in the world. Rehousing the cats is another on-going project.

Something for everyone. (especially info for the grandchildren on your next visit)