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Irish Interests Group

THE IRISH INTEREST e-GROUP (via email newsletter) coordinator Heather

Irish e-group Newsletter

As more Irish records are becoming available online, there are also more pitfalls.

Our Irish Interest e-group’s aims are:

  • To keep group members aware of what has become available on websites by sending a  Newsletter from time to time.
  • To encourage group members to exchange information they have found, with others researching the same Counties.
  • To advise the coordinator if they find a new Irish website that contains online records, especially if they are free.
  • Let the coordinator know so she can advise others, any problems that have arisen from contact with websites.
  • To help members push down as many brick walls as possible.

For more information and forms, contact Heather at the Centre on most Fridays

Heather would like to hear from members regarding any new Irish websites they may come across in their research.

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